Utah Area Codes, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 435 and 801 Utah area codes


Utah became a US state in 1896. Once sparsely inhabited, the state has become renowned for its quality standard of living and its highly diversified economy. The three million people who live in Utah have phone numbers for personal and business communications. Until the early 2000s, calls from unknown numbers were mostly prank calls or misdials. Today, those calls are either phone scam calls or robocalls. Dealing directly with these unknown callers is not advisable. Instead, use a reverse phone lookup on the Utah phone numbers database to find everything you need to know about a strange caller. 

Before this online database, most people would need to consult a printed telephone directory, aka white pages.  However, the information in these phonebooks is organized geographically by town or neighborhood in a large city. So, suppose the unknown caller was from out-of-town. You would have had to find the white pages for that town, as there was no printed statewide directory. Today, the online Utah phone number database makes it easy for interested persons to find information on stranger callers regardless of location. How does this work? 

Take the typical Utah phone number, 385-NXX-XXXX, for example. 

385 is the area code; NXX is the prefix code, and XXXX is the line number. The area code only tells you the phone number owner’s general location, i.e., city or county. The prefix code narrows it down further and shows more specific information about the caller’s location and phone type. Finally, the last set of digits, the line number, is unique to a specific owner. So, if a Utah phone number were a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number. 

Although Utah phone numbers can have the same area code and prefix code, the line number is always unique to a specific person or business. No two persons can have the same line number. However, several persons may have owned the same phone number in the past — this happens when a service provider reassigns the number. Either way, a reverse phone lookup will provide the names and contact information of past and current registered owners of a number. 

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Beaver County001 Beaver 1856 7,0722,590 sq mi
Box Elder County003 Brigham City 1856 57,6665,746 sq mi
Cache County005Logan1857133,1541,165 sq mi
Carbon County007Price189420,4121,478 sq mi
Daggett County009Manila1918935697 sq mi
Davis County011Farmington1850362,679299 sq mi
Duchesne County013Duchesne191519,5963,241 sq mi
Emery County015Castle Dale18809,8254,462 sq mi
Garfield County017Panguitch18909,6693,672 sq mi
Grand County019Moab18825,0515,083 sq mi
Iron County021Parowan185057,2893,297 sq mi
Juab County023Nephi1852 11,7863,392 sq mi
Kane County025Kanab18647,6673,990 sq mi
Millard County027Fillmore185112,9756,572 sq mi
Morgan County029Morgan186212,295609 sq mi
Piute County031Junction 1865 1,438758 sq mi
Rich County033Randolph1864 2,5101,029 sq mi
Salt Lake County035Salt Lake City 1850 1,185,238742 sq mi
San Juan County037Monticello188014,5187,820 sq mi
Sanpete County039Manti185028,4371,590 sq mi
Sevier County041Richfield186521,5221,911 sq mi
Summit County043Coalville 1854 42,3571,872 sq mi
Tooele County045Tooele185072,6986,941 sq mi
Uintah County047Vernal188035,6204,480 sq mi
Utah County049Provo1850659,3992,003 sq mi
Wasatch County051Heber City186234,7881,176 sq mi
Washington County053St. George1852180,2792,426 sq mi
Wayne County055Loa18922,4862,461 sq mi
Weber County057Ogden1850262,223576 sq mi